Masonic Lodge
No. 100



  • 22nd

    Installation set up and practice 4:00pm (tentative on hall availability)

  • 28th
    Installation 7pm. Please be at hall by 6:15
  • 28th
    if installation gets over soon enough, field trip to the Nile for the Potentate’s Ball


  • 6th
    Junior Past Night for Carol and Darrel. Long Form, Balloting, Chapter Dress, install remaining officers
  • 28th
    UFO Festival and movie Men in Black


  • 1st
    Friday Night Doggie Bingo @ the Pit Stop on 153rd
  • 2nd
    Kim’s Kentucky Derby at the Nile (yes in all its glory)!
  • 4th
    Chapter Meeting, May the 4th be with you. Star Wars dress, Honor moms, long form initiation June


  • 1st
    Birthday Night, honor dads, long form balloting
  • 20th
    Strawberry Festival parking lot fundraiser
  • 28th – July 1
    Grand Chapter


  • Chapter is dark for summer
  • 4th
    Summer Picnic at Joes beach house
  • 19th
    Shrine Picnic at the Nile


  • Chapter is dark for summer
  • 2nd
    Crab Pot on the Pier
  • 22nd
    Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Nile


  • 7th
    Annual Labor Day Cruise
  • 8th
    Chapter Meeting Top 8, back to school favorite alma mater dress, short form
  • 19th
    Chuck and Pam honor night
  • 26th
    Cards against humanity place TBD


  • 5th
    Education Night Jan’s Birthday, chapter dress, short form
  • 10th
    Trip to Nightmare on the Nile (haunted attraction)


  • 1st
    setup for OV and practice. 4pm at the hall (tentative on hall availability)
  • 2nd
    Official Visit of the WGM, on our own. Chapter Dress, Long Form, work is leaving & returning while chapter is in session
  • 6th
    Doggie Bingo @ the Pit Stop
  • 14th
    bumper bowling


  • 5th
    trip to Leavenworth
  • 7th
    chapter meeting, short form Christmas dress, Christmas
  • ????
    Christmas Party and cards against humanity

Southgate Masonic Lodge No. 100

1004 SW 152nd St
Burien, WA 98166
(206) 433-9945

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